What to Bring to the Doctor's Office

This weekend, I had the honor of speaking at a Toastmasters conference in Virginia. I spoke about how to use social media tools such as Facebook, Meetup.com and YouTube to help draw in new members to the club. I was excited to be presenting this topic because so many members want to know how to grow their clubs and use social media. I brought my laptop and presentation. Unfortunately, my laptop didn't work with the projector and I had to borrow one from someone else. Luckily we got it all set up with plenty of time to spare. And the presentation went very well.

In marketing, you have to know what you need to bring with you when you visit doctors. Oftentimes, marketers will bring a folder full of information, brochures, miscellaneous papers and business cards and women often bring in a purse too. Most of these things are unnecessary and can be left in the car or at the pharmacy. This week, I want to discuss what you should bring with you to visit doctors.

 What to Bring When You Visit Your Doctors
It's so exciting when you finally get your appointment with the doctor. You prepare to meet with this doctor and share with them how great compounding is. You start pulling together information to take with you to the appointment. You want to make sure you don't miss anything. So you grab everything you can think of and head to the doctor's office. You probably have a lot of stuff and I would guess a lot of it is unnecessary. So what should you bring? It's much less than you probably think.

  • Pen- You need something to write with. Your visit is not about you and your pharmacy. This visit is about learning more about the doctor and his patients. You need to take lots of notes. I would suggest the LiveScribe pen which records everything being said and written. It's especially helpful when you aren't sure how to spell some of the medications doctors talk about with you.
  • Paper- Obvious I know. But you would be amazed at how many marketers have pens but nothing to write on. Make sure you have a notebook full of paper. In fact have one dedicated to office visits.
  • Business cards- Many marketers want to have something to leave behind which is why they usually have folders full of papers and articles. I would suggest forgoing all of that and instead leaving a business card. You can always bring those materials to them as follow up material over the next few weeks.
  • iPad- For the more high tech amongst us, I would suggest investing in a stylus and the Noteshelf, Penultimate or Bamboo Paper apps. With these you can take handwritten notes, email them to whomever needs to see them and save them for yourself in Evernote.
  • Final note: Ladies leave your purse in the car. You aren't shopping so you don't need it. :)

Knowing what to bring to the doctor's office will make your visits easier. No longer will you need to schlep a bag full of material. Instead you will bring in the materials you really need and bring the rest back over time.  If you need help learning how to market to your doctors, sign up for the Get Your Doctors to Write More Compounds Strategy Session.


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I am a Virtual Marketing Director. I work with pharmacists who make customized medications who love what they do but they don't love the marketing.


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