1derful Wednesday | Them or You? | Renée Yvonne

When you look at your website, is it more about your business, how long you have been in business and how you have been around since 19XX coupled with a lot of medical jargon? If so, then I beg you to watch this week's 1derful Wednesday video.

This week I'm discussing if your website is about them or you. You know it's about you when your name is in it too much. if you make it more about the problems you solve which is why you came there in the first place then you'll see more visitors and more people staying to learn about your services.

Click the link below to view this week's video.


I am a Virtual Marketing Director. I work with pharmacists who make customized medications who love what they do but they don't love the marketing.


Moore Patients, Moore Compounds, Moore Money

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