1derful Wednesday | TGIM | Renee Yvonne

Happy New Year!

This year I want to introduce the new name Compound Pharmacy Marketing and I will be using Renee Yvonne as my new business name. It's my first and middle name and it reflects more of who I am and my personality and where I'd like to take the business in 2013.

But enough about me!

This 1derful Wednesday is about you no longer dreading Mondays. In fact I'd like to challenge you to create a Marketing Monday event for your compound pharmacy so that you will look forward to Mondays!

Check out the video below for more details and then sign up for my Fill More Compounds Happy Hour here at bit.ly/fmchappyhour



I am a Virtual Marketing Director. I work with pharmacists who make customized medications who love what they do but they don't love the marketing.


Moore Patients, Moore Compounds, Moore Money

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